Printable Sticker Label 可打印標籤貼紙

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A4白色書面 White Matt 50張 - Sold Out

70 x 49.5mm (A4 | 1開18) 1440枚 80張 - Sold Out

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White Glossy Sticker Paper Laser Print Test Result

This result is selected "Labels" as the paper type in the printer's profile. If your printer does not have this paper type, you can try other paper types by yourself. It is recommended to try the paper thickness over 80g. Different printers have different configurable options. [Test printer: RICOH MP C3004 | Paper Type: Labels]


此測試在打印機的紙張類別選項中選 "Labels",如你的打印機沒有此紙張類別,請自行測試其他紙張類別,建議選80g以上厚度。不同打印機有不同的可設定選項。

[測試打印機: RICOH MP C3004 | 紙張類別: 標籤/Labels]

White Glossy Paper Laser Print Test


Printable Sticker Label 可打印標籤貼紙


#DPLA4-WM 白色書面 29.7cm長 x 21cm寬(A4) | 50張 HKD$30.00/包

#DPLA4-WG 白色光面 29.7cm長 x 21cm寬(A4) | 50張 HKD$30.00/包

#DPLA4-KF 牛皮啡面 29.7cm長 x 21cm寬(A4) | 50張 HKD$36.00/包


SLW-54 105 x 99mm (A4 | 1開6) 480枚 80張 $52/包

SLW-63 70 x 59.4mm (A4 | 1開15) 1200枚 80張 $52/包

SLW-64 105 x 37.2mm (A4 | 1開16) 1280枚 80張 $52/包

SLW-65 105 x 33mm (A4 | 1開18) 1440枚 80張 $52/包

SLW-66 70 x 49.5mm (A4 | 1開18) 1440枚 80張 $52/包

SLW-67 70 x 37.1mm (A4 | 1開24) 1920枚 80張 $52/包

SLW-69 105 x 29.7mm (A4 | 1開20) 1600枚 80張 $52/包

SLW-70 48.5 x 25.4mm (A4 | 1開44) 3520枚 80張 $52/包

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Printable Sticker Label 可打印標籤貼紙

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