PaperDivWalls 組合式紙牆

Paper DivWalls 組合式紙牆

Paper DivWalls 是一款創新的紙製模組化間隔牆系統,提供安全、環保且靈活的解決方案。這個系統以紙質材料為基礎,完全可回收,符合環保概念。Paper DivWalls可以用於多種用途,例如迷宮、展覽板、隔間、避難所、儲藏室、私人空間、臨時工作間和臨時更衣室等。



  • 100%全紙製,完全可回收,環保
  • 安全輕巧,即使倒塌也不會造成傷害
  • 可自由組合,模組化設計靈活性高
  • 無需膠水黏合,100%可拆卸還原
  • 優質瓦楞紙板製造,耐用可靠
  • 易於DIY訂製,發揮創意
  • 輕巧易搬運,不佔空間



  • 完全自由組合:使用Paper DivWalls,您可以自由組合不同組件,根據需要創造各種大小和形狀的間隔牆,迷宮或展覽板。無論是幼稚園、小學、中學、院舍、社區中心還是各種展覽活動,都可以應用Paper DivWalls。
  • 環保可持續:Paper DivWalls以100%全紙製造,完全符合環保要求。產品材料可回收再利用,對環境友好。
  • 安全輕巧:紙質質輕,即使倒塌也不會造成傷害。在使用Paper DivWalls時,您可以放心地安排空間,為用戶提供舒適和安全的環境。



  • 迷宮:創建有趣和挑戰性的迷宮結構,為遊客提供刺激的體驗。
  • 展覽板:用於展示各種圖片、信息和展品,創造吸引人的展覽場景。
  • 隔間:劃分空間,為不同用途提供私密和獨立的區域。
  • 避難所:在緊急情況下,提供臨時的避難場所。
  • 儲藏室:創建臨時的儲藏區域,方便存放物品。
  • 私人空間:為個人提供隱私和專屬空間,例如臨時工作間、更衣室等。

Paper DivWalls的組件包括牆、中間連接器、端點連接器、牆橋接器和點橋接器。此外,還可以選購進階組件,如橫幅、單/雙向活門、隧道、斜接牆、高牆、短牆、兩格牆、六邊形連接器和八邊形連接器,以滿足更多特殊需要。

無論是學校、社區中心、展覽場地還是各種活動場所,Paper DivWalls都是一個經濟實惠、環保可持續的選擇,為您的空間劃分和規劃提供靈活性和創意。



1. 提供場地大小及要求,我司會為提供設計草圖;
2. 確認草圖後,我司會為你計算設計所需的配件件數和報價;
3. 下單訂購所需配件、選擇送貨方式並付款;

     交貨期: 確認設計及收到貨款後14-21天。


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    Paper DivWalls

    Paper DivWalls is an innovative paper-based modular partition wall system that provides a safe, environmentally friendly, and flexible solution. This system is based on paper materials, fully recyclable, and in line with environmental concepts. Paper DivWalls can be used for various purposes such as mazes, exhibition boards, partitions, shelters, storage rooms, private spaces, temporary workspaces, and changing rooms.


    • 100% paper-based, fully recyclable, environmentally friendly
    • Safe and lightweight, no harm even if collapsed
    • Freely combinable, highly flexible modular design
    • No glue needed, 100% detachable and restorable
    • Made of high-quality corrugated cardboard, durable and reliable
    • Easy DIY customization, unleash your creativity
    • Lightweight and easy to move, space-saving


    • Complete freedom of combination: With Paper DivWalls, you can freely combine different components to create partition walls, mazes, or exhibition boards of various sizes and shapes as needed. Paper DivWalls can be applied in kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, dormitories, community centers, and various exhibition events.
    • Environmentally friendly and sustainable: Paper DivWalls are made of 100% paper, fully meeting environmental requirements. The materials used in the product are recyclable and environmentally friendly.
    • Safe and lightweight: The paper material is lightweight and will not cause harm even if collapsed. When using Paper DivWalls, you can confidently arrange spaces to provide users with a comfortable and safe environment.


    • Mazes: Create fun and challenging maze structures to provide visitors with an exciting experience.
    • Exhibition boards: Used to display various pictures, information, and exhibits, creating attractive exhibition scenes.
    • Partitions: Divide spaces to provide private and independent areas for different purposes.
    • Shelters: Provide temporary shelter in emergency situations.
    • Storage rooms: Create temporary storage areas for convenient item storage.
    • Private spaces: Provide privacy and exclusive spaces for individuals, such as temporary workspaces and changing rooms.

    Paper DivWalls components include walls, middle connectors, end connectors, wall bridge connectors, and point bridge connectors. In addition, advanced components such as banners, single/double-sided doors, tunnels, diagonal walls, high walls, short walls, two-grid walls, hexagonal connectors, and octagonal connectors can be purchased to meet more specific needs.

    Whether it's schools, community centers, exhibition venues, or various event locations, Paper DivWalls is an affordable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable choice that provides flexibility and creativity for your space division and planning.


    Paper DivWalls (組合式紙牆)
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