Pentel 染布水彩(12支裝) Fabric Fun Paint Colours (12pcs Set)

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型號Model#: FFPC1-12


  • 可直接於布上繪畫,適用於在 T 恤、手提袋和其他布料上創作設計
  • 每支 6ml,全12色可混色
  • 水彩於布上乾後,用水洗不會褪色(但要注意第一次水洗會有少少褪色)
  • 無刺鼻氣味
  • 顏料乾涸後不需熨燙


  • Can be directly painted on fabric, suitable for creating designs on T-shirts, tote bags, and other fabrics.
  • 6ml/tube, 12 Colors, Ideal for mixing colours in variety
  • Wash-resistant, not fade after drying (may be a slight fading during the first wash)
  • No pungent odor
  • No need to iron after drying

Colors: White, Deep Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Green, Deep Green, Cobalt Blue, Violet, Magenta, Scarlet, Vivid Orange, Burnt Sienna, Black

顏色: 黑,白,鮮紅,藍,青,綠,浅橙,桃紅,紫,檸檬黄,泥黄,茶色




  1. 有些布料不適用於此顏料作畫上色,如羊毛或是有防水材質之布料。
  2. 在某些布料上可能會造成暈染。
  3. 在使用前請在不顯眼的區塊先試用。
  4. 必要時可依照需求加水調整顏料厚薄濃淡。
  5. 標準的混合是於擠出的顏料中加入顏料一半的清水來調和。
  6. 沾染到衣物,可能會有顏料無法去除的情況。
  7. 使用後需在顏料乾涸前盡快用水清洗調色盤、筆刷等使用工具。
  8. 需將布料靜置24 小時乾涸後才可進行清洗。
  9. 依擄布料及清洗模式的不同會影響褪色的速度。
  10. 請使用正常水溫(30 度) 清洗,並請勿使用乾洗



  1. Some fabrics are not suitable for coloring with this pigment, such as wool or waterproof fabrics.
  2. Some fabrics may cause bleeding.
  3. Please test it in an inconspicuous area before use.
  4. If necessary, adjust the thickness and concentration of the pigment by adding water.
  5. The standard mixing method is to add half the amount of water to the squeezed pigment.
  6. If it gets on clothing, there may be pigment that cannot be removed.
  7. After use, please clean the palette, brushes and other tools with water as soon as possible before the pigment dries.
  8. The fabric should be left to dry for 24 hours before washing.
  9. The fading speed may vary depending on the fabric and washing method.
  10. Please wash with normal water temperature (30 degrees) and do not dry clean.

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