DIY發光紙機械人手工藝套裝書 Papertoy Glowbots - 46 Glowing Robots

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46 Glowing Robots You Can Make Yourself (Age 9+)

Origami meets amazing creatures in a book of paper craft fun!

Papertoy Glowbots introduces 46 robots that have the added cool factor of lighting up, whether using glow-in-the-dark stickers that come with the book or light sources like flashlights, Christmas tree lights, and electric tea lights.

The 46 die-cut paper robots are created by Brian Castleforte, author of Papertoy Monsters, along with the hottest papertoy designers from around the world. Meet the robots and read about their entertaining backstories in the front, then turn to the card stock section in the back to build them. The templates are die-cut and ready to pop out, fold, and glue. Bold, colorful graphics ensure the robots look as amazing in the daytime as they do with the lights off.




Papertoy Glowbots推出了46款機器人,無論是使用書中附帶的夜光貼紙還是手電筒,聖誕樹燈和電動茶燈等光源,都可以增加清晰的
照明效果。 46個模切紙機器人由Papertoy Monsters的作者Brian Castleforte以及來自世界各地的最熱門的papertoy設計師創建。與機器人見面