DIY紙寵物手工藝套裝書 Walter Foster - Paper Pets (10 pets to pop out and play with!)

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10 styles pet (Age 8+)

Includes: The clever kitty, The good dog, The lazy hamster, The hippie guinea pig, The cooing lovebirds, The pampered pooch, The chatty parrot, The fun-loving bunny, The thoughtful tortoise, Three feisty fish

  •  Pop out and play with these petty paper pets.
  • You can have one-full of your very own paper pets.
  • You can also make up stories about your pets. 

Length: 67 pages

Author: Ruby Taylor & Richard Jewitt 

About author:

Ruby Taylor

is a designer, illustrator, and crafter. A graduate of Bristol UWE, she is based in London. Since graduating, she has worked on various projects and exhibitions and is a member of the Puck Collective. Ruby loves playful design, vintage children's books, and distinctive color palettes.

Richard Jewitt

has over 20 years experience of paper bending and folding for books, advertising, and gifts. In addition to these adorable pets, he has created paper dragons, dinosaurs, and pirates.



  • 彈出並玩這些小紙寵物
  • 你可以擁有一個自己的紙寵物
  • 您還可以編寫有關寵物的故事

作者:Ruby Taylor和Richard Jewitt

Ruby Taylor
她是一位設計師、插畫家和工匠。她畢業於Bristol UWE,現居倫敦。畢業後,她曾參與各種
項目和展覽,並且是Puck Collective的成員。Ruby喜歡俏皮設計、復古兒童書籍和獨特的調色板。
Richard Jewitt