DIY紙工藝品書 Paper Goods Projects - A super make-it book

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Craft to your heart’s content without making a trip to a specialty store.
Coffee Filter Flowers, Doily Butterflies, Cupcake Paper Cards, and 57 More Crafts Made with Supermarket Finds

Once you’ve glimpsed the inspired creations in Paper Goods Projects, you’ll never look at your pantry shelves or recycling bins the same way. Here are 60 fun and simple crafts that transform everyday items: paper towel tubes turn into safari animals, coffee filters dyed bright colors bloom into water lilies, doilies make a charming crown, and cereal boxes become the building blocks of a mini city.
Paper Goods Projects has crafts for birthday party favors and decorations, cake toppers, greeting cards, children’s toys, and so much more. Tap your creativity like never before to create fun, beautiful objects out of the simplest materials.



為迷你城市的基石。 紙品項目有生日派對用品和裝飾品,蛋糕禮帽,賀卡,兒童玩具等等。以前所未有