MTN PRO Paint Stripper 金屬木材 脫漆劑

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MTN PRO Paint Stripper 金屬木材 脫漆劑

MTN PRO Paint Stripper is a chloride-free paint stripper suitable for the effortless removal or cleaning of paint stains on a multitude of surfaces. It prepares or cleans surfaces so that they can be painted correctly. Ideal for object and furniture restorations.

  • Pleasant smell
  • Easy to apply
  • Chloride-free
  • For 1K systems (1-component paints)
  • Not suitable for cleaning skin and hands


Color name: MTN PRO Solvent

Universal Cleaning .

Capacity: 400 ml

*Highly corrosive product, handle with caution.



MTN PRO Paint Stripper是一種不含氯化物的去除產品,適用於輕鬆去除或清潔(剝離)多種表面上的干漆。 準備或清潔表面,以便有效地塗漆。 非常適合修復物品和家具。



Prepare or clean surfaces so they can be painted effectively. Ideal for restoring objects and furniture.


*Highly corrosive product, handle with caution.



  • Shake the aerosol vigorously until you hear the sound of the mixing ball. Spray on a previously cleaned surface that you wish to paint.
  • Invert the can and spray until paint is no longer released, avoiding the cap from becoming clogged and permitting you to be able to reuse the cap.


  • 用力搖晃氣霧劑,直到聽到混合球的聲音。噴灑在您要塗漆的先前清潔過的表面上。
  • 倒轉罐子並噴灑,直到不再釋放油漆,避免蓋子堵塞並讓您能夠重複使用蓋子。



  • Good smell
  • Easy to apply
  • Chlorides free
  • For systems 1k


MTN PRO Paint Stripper Description

The country of origin is Spain, and it has passed the EU toxic substance test and is famous for its hand spray paint that does not contain any formaldehyde.