DIY紙機關模型書 Karakuri - How to make mechanical paper models that move

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  • Learn how to make your own moving automata with this book
  • Plus additional pull-out pages you can use to construct the types of gears, cams, and other mechanisms to create your own moving models
  • Includes printed full-color, pull-out pages with all the parts for constructing four amazing models.

    Includes 4 Fun Karakuri Models:

    • A whimsical tea-serving robot
    • An amusing penguin perched on an iceberg and trying to fly
    • A delightful peek-a-boo-playing teddy bear
    • A mesmerizing train that goes around on a track and through a tunnel

    Length: 143 pages

      Author: Keisuke Saka

      About author:

      Keisuke Saka

      is a paper engineer and graphic designer based in Japan. He coowns a design firm, has exhibited his paper models at a number of museums, and has published many automata kits.



      • 一個異想天開的茶服機器人
      • 一隻棲息在冰山上試圖飛翔的有趣企鵝
      • 一隻正在玩捉迷藏的泰迪熊
      • 一條在賽道上穿過隧道的火車

      頁數: 143頁

        作者︰Keisuke Saka