Crayola - 形狀手工紙 Construction Paper Shapes (48張 48 Sheets)

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  • Includes 48 sheets of construction paper with micro-perforated shapes. 9” x 12”. 8 sheets each of 6 colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet with various simple shapes in a range of sizes.
  • Paper shapes are a great way of teaching kids simple geometry.
  • Micro-perforated paper allows you to easily punch out the pre-cut shapes
  • Kids can create without scissors, using shapes to build animals, houses, people, and anything else their imagination desires.
  • Made in Canada.
  • 包括48張9“x 12”具有微穿孔簡單形狀的手工紙。 6種顏色各8張:紅色、橙色、黃色、綠色、藍色和紫羅蘭色。
Crayola-形狀手工紙-Construction Paper Shapes
  • 紙形是教孩子簡單幾何的好方法。
  • 微穿孔紙可以輕鬆打出預切割形狀。
Crayola-形狀手工紙-Construction Paper Shapes
  • 孩子們可以在沒有剪刀的情況下創造,使用形狀來建造動物、房屋、人和其他想像力所需的東西。

Crayola-形狀手工紙-Construction Paper Shapes

Crayola-形狀手工紙-Construction Paper Shapes

  • 加拿大製造。